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The successful operation of resource and energy cooperation projects between China Kingho Group and Mongolia companies marks the start of Overseas Strategy of China Kingho Group and becomes a model of international resources energy cooperation for the two countries.
Below are the cooperative projects:

1. Developing Naryn Sukhait coal mine and Taopu Tolgol Ovoot TolgoiOpen coal mine together with Mongolia companies;

2. Investing in construction of an 80km coal road from Ceke port to Naryn Sukhait mining area;

3. Setting up 35kv high voltage transmission and transformation lines from Ceke port to mining areas;

4. Investing in construction of the youth center in Gurban Tesi County;

5. Setting up power transmission lines for Aobaotu troops and Gurban Tesi County;

6. Working with Eurasian Natural Resources Corp. PLC to plan and construct coal chemical industry recycling economy park in Ulan Bator;

7. Providing assistance or aid in construction of infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and stations;


Drawing some experiences from development and construction of Mongolia, China Kingko Group follows the trend of economic globalization, national resource and energy policies and "going out" strategy and actively expand the overseas market in the context of global arrangement and strives to form the Group's strategic supporting point and new profit center by fully utilizing the “two markets and two kinds of rsources” so as to gradually realize sustainable development of the group. In the next five years, the group will stretch out development and construction of related projects in Africa, Oceania, central Asia and ASEAN areas in a scientific and reasonable manner and in stages based on its own management and industry trend. At present, here are the projects that are running their preliminary work in a planed and orderly way:


Sierra Leone: Plan to explore and develop local iron ore, bauxite and rutile resource etc.

Mozambique: Finance 100 Mozambique students to study in China and formal entry to school will come in September 2011. Starting from that, China Kingho group actively negotiates with the local governments in investment and development of coal, oil and natural gas, and proposes to build coking recycling economy park according to rationed reserves.


We are engaging in exploitation of mineral resources such as iron ore in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc.

The Central Asia:

With Xinjiang Khorgos port as a start point, we plan to exploit resources such as coal, iron ore, phosphate rock and natural gas in the Five Central Asian countries.