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Group Philosophy

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Group Philosophy


  • Corporate mission:

    Committed to Green Energy, Dedicated to Social Development.


  • Corporate vision:

    Becoming a world first-class clean energy enterprise.

  • Corporate values:

    Pursuing enterprise values, promoting social values and realizing personal value of employees.


  • Corporate motto:

    Virtue, honesty and faithfulness, innovation and harmonious development.


  • Enterprising spirit:

    Endurance, Aggressiveness, Tolerance, Solidarity and Dedication.

  • Development philosophy:

    Robust, leap-over,innovative, harmonious.

  • Management philosophy:

    People-oriented, strict and accurate, scientific and efficient.

  • Operation philosophy:

    Honesty and creditworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win result

  • Ntegrity Philosophy:

    Indifferent to fame and wealth, cautious in power and dedicated to career.

  • Talent development philosophy:

    Recruiting talents from around the world and fostering Kingho people.

  • Quality policy and connotation:

    Pursuing green development and creating outstanding brand

  • Goals of corporate value:

    Modern, professional, friendly and leading.

    Modern - Modern in ideas, operation and management.

    Professional - Professional in technology, teamwork and operation.

    Friendly - Friendly working environment, partners and environment.

    Leading -Leading in the industry, at home and abroad.

  • Environment protection philosophy:

    Respecting nature through rational development, conforming to nature through circular utilization and protecting nature through energy conservation and emission reduction.

  • Safety philosophy:

    Safety is the root of life, origin of happiness and basis for benefit.