China Kingho Inner Mongolia (Wusitai) Circular Economic Industrial Park

发布时间: 2021-12-16
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    Built in 2005 and located at the Inner Mongolia Alxa League Economic Development Zone, Inner Mongolia Circular Economic Industrial Park is a national-level circular economic demonstration company. In accordance with the idea of circular economy and the principle of “High-level Planning, High-quality Development” as well as the circular development mode of “Resource-Product-Renewable Resource”, the park is directed on coal-based poly-generation and has established six major circular industries, including coal wash, coal coking, methanol manufacturing and it deep-processing, coal tar deep-processing, building materials and logistics. including 6,000,000 TPA clean coal processing project, 3,100,000 TPA stamp-charging coke project,200,000 TPA coke-oven-gas manufacturing methanol project, 10,000,000 TPA cargo turnover logistics project, sewage treatment project, 660,000 TPA coal coal tar hydrogenation project, 200,000 TPA methanol-to-aromatics hydrocarbon project, 100,000 TPA crude benzene hydrogenation project…