Kingho Coal-To-Gas Circular Economic Industrial Park

发布时间: 2021-12-16
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    The project of Kingho Coal-To-Gas Circular Economic Industrial Park adopts technologies of fixed-bed pressurized gasification of crushed coal, raw gas transformation and cooling, low-temperature methanol washing, mixed cooling, sulfur recovery, methanation, effluent treatment and comprehensive utilization. The main product is gas produced from coal and by-products include coal tar, crude phenol, ammonia sulfate, liquid ammonia and sulfur. What's more, industrial residue is comprehensively utilized to produce building materials such as cement and coal-ash bricks; treated Sewage is used to irrigate carbon sequestration forest in the park; recycled greenhouse gases are utilized in the application to advanced R&D projects such as “Ecological Cultivation of Microalgae with Carbon Dioxide” and “Carbon-Sequestration Technology in Agricultural Cultivation”.