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Profile of China Kingho Group


Devoted to coal mining, washing and dressing, coking, by-products deep processing, coal for natural gas production, and coal- methanol-hydrocarbon production, China Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Kingho) is an international modern resources, energy and chemical company integrating metal ores mining and dressing, metallurgical chemical, refined coal chemical, building materials, logistics, hoteling and international trade. Headquartered in Beijing, China Kingho has 50-plus wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries including Inner Mongolia Kingho Group Co., Ltd., Qinghai Kingho Metallurgy & Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Ningxia Kingho Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd., Kingho International Trade Co., Ltd., Mozambique Kingho Investment Co., Ltd., Sierra Leone Kingho Investment Co., Ltd., Mongolia Kingho Energy Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Kingho Investment Co., Ltd., to name but a few. As of the end of 2011, the number of its on-the-job employees reached over 20,000; its total assets were valued at nearly 40 billion Yuan; its annual output value hit over 15 billion Yuan.

China Kingho focuses on the orderly development of resources and clean energy utilization, resolutely abides by the national energy conservancy and emission reduction laws and regulations, industrial planning and policies, actively develops low-carbon and circular economy, and persistently performs the social responsibility of balancing economic, social and environmental benefits. It has ranked among the top 100 coal companies of China and the top 500 private companies of China for many years in a row.

To take root in the west, go global and build a world-class ecological energy enterprise is a lofty mission of China Kingho. In the northwest China, regardless of extremely harsh natural conditions, Kingho’s staff, in the spirit of endurance, aggressiveness, unity and sacrifice, realized the group’s incredible leapfrog development. In the tide of the shift of China’s economic growth mode, Kingho’s staff seized the opportunities and took “proper use of resources, green development” as their duties. They successively established the circular economy industrial parks in Inner Mogolia, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang, thereby producing a development characterized by “Circular business, resources sustainable, environment friendly ”. On the basis of these achievements, China Kingho carried out the diversified development and “Going Global” strategies, developing new business steadily and tapping overseas markets actively. Thus far, it has become a multi-industry and multinational company and has made presence in domestic and overseas markets.

To make contributions to society, advance the harmonious development and promote regional economic prosperity and social stability is the principle that can make China Kingho get a foothold in its industrial sector. The Group has been always attached importance tothe harmonious relationship between its profits and the development of local economy and took initiative to incorporate the establishment of the circular economy industrial parks into the overall plan for the development of the regional economy, making great contributions to the long-run development of regional economy. Furthermore, China Kingho is passionate to public welfare programs, such as infrastructure construction, education, medical care, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, etc. By the end of 2011, its directly invested and donated funds had exceeded 500 million Yuan.

Practicing innovative management, Acceleraing transformation and implementing the “Giant Kingho” strategy is a fresh start of China Kingho. The group is further accelerating the transformation from a resource-based company into a deep processing and high value-added company, from the industrial operation to combination of industrial operation and capital operation, from regional management to group management, from localization to internationalization, constantly optimizing the industrial structure, pushing forward transformation and upgrading of companies, and sparing no effort to building a large multinational resources and energy company. 
In the future, adhering to the idea of social commitment, honesty and trustworthiness, innovation, harmonious development and relying on the resources advantage, China Kingho will strive to develop the coal-based cogeneration circular economy, extend the conventional industry chain and accelerate the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas resources, keep forging ahead and make a great contribution to the rapid and sound development of the Chinese economy to achieve the goal of building a green, harmonious, creditable and internationalized Kingho.