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  • Commitments

    China Qinghua Group in the development of economy at the same time, and always adhere to the implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction and related industrial policies, and always with the overall planning of national energy " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " as the guide, to " make the best use of resources and green development " as the core concept, corporate social responsibility on the work

  • Charities

    " Pay attention to public welfare, social return ", is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is also China's Qinghua Group has consistently adhered to the social responsibility. Over the years, China Qinghua Group trying to speed up economic development and at the same time, to support public welfare undertakings, the initiative to strengthen communication with the public institutions, actively engaged in the country ... ...

  • Low-carbon

    China Qinghua Group since its inception, the relevant policies and regulations to strictly abide by the state environmental protection, has been focused on strengthening the environmental protection of the work area and its surrounding areas in the process of production and operation, strengthen major construction project environmental impact assessment, seek to minimize environmental impacts ... ...

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