Personnel training


Training is an important form of personnel cultivation and an important part of talent team construction. In accordance with the principle of "overall planning, graded responsibility, focused effort and scientific management" and under the training and management mode with unified leadership of the Group, centralized management of HR department, graded responsibility of various functional departments and classified implementation of subordinate companies, the classified, large-scale, full-covered of training pattern with various companies involved and at different levels has been created so as to establish the "China Kingho workforce quality and ability training system ", a training resource management database shared by the Group's internal training departments at all levels and systematic, targeted training mechanism in order to make China Kingho have a "competent, high-quality workforce to adapt to the needs of the future development of the company", a " diversified talent team that has a sense of modern management and professional standards" and a "modern leadership that loves the Group’s business and agree with the its culture and core values".

According to the construction and management of the key personnel of the Group, the HR department has developed the corporate training program, training program for middle & senior management and for managers of functional departments and knowledge and skill training programs for key personnel, etc.; according to professional division, the functional departments is responsible for the development of professional training programs related to the functions of each department, organization and implementation of the department staff expertise heritage training and guidance for staff professional training of subordinate units; the subordinate units based on their own needs combining the Group’s strategic goals carry out their own targeted training.

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