Since its inception, China Kingho has been in strict compliance with the relevant policies and regulations of the national environmental protection, focusing on the enhancement of environmental protection in the operation area and its surrounding areas during production and management processes, and strengthening the environmental impact assessment of major construction projects to seek to minimize the environmental impacts. Meanwhile it has been actively promoting the research and application of environmental technologies, adhering to the absorption and application of domestic and foreign advanced energy, new ideas and new methods of environmental management, and exporting the existing management models and technologies to gain high recognition from the communities.

Making "high-carbon economy, low-carbon operation" as a breakthrough and "safe, green and environment-friendly development" the corporate mission, China Kingho focuses on the coordinated development of the economy and the environment in order to create a "green Kingho" and make environmental protection as a top priority in the Group's development. By the end of 2010, the income of China Kingho that has been directly used for environmental protection is more than 2 billion yuan, mainly for the treatment of coal yard dust, fugitive emission of coke oven gas, production and domestic wastewater treatment and green plant projects, etc.

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