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Enterprise mission: provide green energy for social development.

With high senses of political and social responsibilities, implement the national energy strategy, cherish resources, protect environmental and condcuct energy conservation during development while focusing on construction of ecological civilization to provide green, economic energy to the community.

Corporate vision: create a world-class resource and energy enterprise.

The Group will utlize overall advantages to adhere to scientific development and new industrialization mode, and take the development direction of integrating mining, road and port building, electricity and chemistry through persistent efforts to gradually develop into a large-scale, strong, effective, high-influential energy enterprise with international competitiveness.

Core values: innovation, harmonious development, honest, trustworthy and great virtues.

Enterprise development strategy: through logistics, trade, investment, finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cooperation to expand the development space based on core resource industries such as coal, new coal chemistry, iron mining and metallurgical chemistry.

To enhance our competitiveness via industrial chain expansion, integration of internal and external resources; promote coal-based polygeneration projects such as coal gas, methanol-to-olefins and their derivatives and achieve the zero breakthrough in the field of oil and gas industry; promote management and technological progresses, strive to build a large-scale, intensive, modernized and internationalized China Kingho with hundreds of billions of capital in 5 years.

The spirit of enterprise: "to endure hardship, to fight, to excise patience, with unity and dedication"

Management philosophy: precise, strict, safe and efficient.

Precise and fine management, decisive and accurate decision-making; rigorous work, perfect quality; long-term mechanism and intrinsical safety; innovation and reform, highly-trained and efficient; high starting point for work, high-tech for production, high-quality for product, high-efficiency for operation, high efficiency for output.

Business philosophy: honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit and win-win.

Firmly establish a corporate image of trustworthiness and reliability, abiding by contracts and commitments during legitimate operation, paying taxes according to law and being responsible; fulfill our social responsibilities, pay attention to related interests, stimulate the local economy and achieve common development.

Honest philosophy: do not to seek fame and wealth, be loyal to one’s job and responsibility.

The majority of employees, especially cadres of CPC shall enhance our ideals and faiths, strengthen moral trainings, improve the spiritual realm and establish correct outlook and values on the world and life. We shall often think of our root of life, strengthen professional ethics, be aware of the harms of greed and adhere to self-discipline. We shall persevere in honesty, self-discipline, righteousness, law-abiding, and always maintain vitality, high-spirited elan and uprightness as a member of China Kingho.

Talent concept: gathering talents worldwide and cultivating Kingho elites

Firmly establish the “people-oriented, talent-based prosperity” concept and a mechanism for full talent nurturing, attracting and realizing, create an open, fair and just employment atmosphere, in order to build smooth channels for talent growth and platforms for talent development, gather more talents to join corprate career and provide HR guarantee for Kingho’s development.

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