Ningxia Kingho



Founded in 2006, the park locates in Sun Mountain Development Zone in Wuzhong City in Ningxia Province, which is an emery and heavy chemical industry base in East Ningxia in national planning. With the abundant coal resource in east Ningxia and geographical advantage, it builds a large coal chemical recycling economy demonstration park in the base in line with the concept of “Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, Zero Emission of Pollutants, Beautiful Ecological Environment, Remarkable Economic and Social Benefits”. As a coal-based polygeneration oriented park, it plans to establish a recycling economy industry system including coal, coking, coal-power-chemical joint production, methanol and further processing, PVC, building materials and logistics etc. Phase I project of the park has taken in RMB 3 billion in order to construct a coking project (1.1 MT per year) and methanol making project from coke oven off gas (0.15 MT). Phase I of the coking project has been put into production on July 1, 2008, and the methanol project in October 2010. In the same year, the group has put RMB 2 billion into the construction of No.2 coal mine in Weizhou (2×150 MT), Hedougou coal mine of 450 thousand tons in Siguquan Mining Area, heavy media coal preparation plant in Weizhou (3 MT). In the next year, it added 1.5 RMB billion to No.2 coal mine in Weizhou (2×150 MT), Hedougou coal mine, Open Mining of Yaoshan Coal Mine (1 MT), coal washery plant in Weizhou (3 MT). In addition, Phase II of coking project (1.1 MT) and coke oven off gas to methanol project (0.15MT) has been built.

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