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The enterprise cultural construction of China Kingho (Qinghai) Group Mining Company gained gratifying result
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Recently, with the coming into use of the office block of China Kingho Qinghai Group Mining Company, the library, record office, party activity room of the company were moved into the new office block. Batches of books worth 20 thousands yuan were purchased by the company, and the company library has already taken shape, with more than 6 thousands books in stock. At the same time, the company refreshed the library management system, and relaxed the quantity and time for the staff to borrow books, and promoted the staff’s study.

On the 2013 budgeting analysis meeting, the leaders of Mining Company emphasized to well achieve the book and journal subscription of 2013. The meeting of staff’s requirement should be set as the orientation, and the books purchase consult in the early period should be completed. It was also emphasized that extensively consult of the booklist or category from all the staff should be realized, to meet the reading requirement of the staff. The fulfillment of the staff’s integrated development was set as the aim, and the diversification of the books types was greatly emphasized on. Take the requirement base of the staff in consideration, promote the reading quality of staff, and guarantee the high quality of the books. And later, the office subscribed 30 kinds of books and magazines which were loved by staff.

As an important content of enterprise culture construction, the advanced cultural theory management of the enterprise library should be introduced, and the public image of the enterprise library should be established, what’s more, the needs of staff should be set as the starting point, and the working skill and personal accomplishment of staff should be continuously promoted. In the New Year, the Mining Company will increase advertising force, lead staff to borrow and read books, improve staff’s study, make the enterprise library as the important front of enterprise cultural construction, and make it play the role in enterprise cultural construction.

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