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China Kingho Takes the Path of Sustainable Development to Become One of the Top 500 Private Enterprises
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Xinhuanet Beijing Channel August 22 (Zhou Xiaohong) Recently, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce announced the latest List of China Top 500 Private Enterprises in 2014, while China Kingho Energy Group ranked No. 218. The selection is the ranking result published with the total operating income as reference index based on the research of scaled private enterprises.
 The relevant person in charge of China Kingho Energy Group said that “the key to obtain this hard-won great achievement is that the Group has insisted the development road of sustainability, conglomeration and clean energy.” The Group has been awarded China Top 500 Chemical Enterprises, China Top 500 Energy Enterprises and China Top 100 Coal Enterprises for many years.
   Reportedly, the Group has built several low-carbon, cleanness and recycling-oriented national industrial parks with modern coal chemical industry as the main industry in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other regions, and has successfully operated a large number of coal-based clean energy projects. These industrial parks have followed the development concept of “Green, safety and efficiency”, and built the whole industry chain for the new clean energy according to the cycling development model of “resources - products - renewable resources” to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, cost savings and reduction of environmental pollution. During the industrial upgrading and transformation process of “single-resource development-washing rough processing-traditional coking-modern coal chemical industry”, the Group has explored the new way of recycling of “Resources, Products, Waste and Recycled Resources”, and implemented the development strategy of division by grade and quality, combination of energy and chemistry and integrated co-production.
   The official said the Group would make persistent efforts based on the achievement of ranking No.218, and continue to invest in new technology, new equipment, personnel training and other aspects. “As with national development, China Kingho also pays attention to Green GDP and sustainable development, which will not only produce good social and environmental benefits, but also will allow enterprises to maintain a lasting vitality.”

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