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China Kingho Group: Developing Circular Economy to Make the Sky Bluer and More Beautiful
Source: Xinhuanet.comEditor:Huang WeiDateTime:2014-08-19Visits:12098Font Size: Large In Small
Xinhuanet Beijing Channel August 18 (Zhou Xiaohong) “Blue appear the skies; vast grassland lies, grass bows and we see the cattle roam.” This scene now occurs on the screen mostly. The main person in charge of China Kingho Group recently said that the company strives to put these scenes from the screen back into reality by building circular economy in recent years.
   The person in charge said that the key to develop circular economy is to take the path of green development. Therefore, Kingho Group has built several low-carbon, cleanness and recycling-oriented national industrial parks with modern coal chemical industry as the symbol in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other regions, and has successfully operated a large number of coal-based clean energy projects. Especially in the development of modern coal chemical industry, the Group has adhered to take the “coal-based clean energy” as the main line, first carry out transformation and upgrading in the industry, and successfully construct and operate several sets of new coal chemical projects with international leading standards, to establish the leadership position in the domestic coal-based clean energy sector. For example, First Phase of Engineering of China Kingho Xinjiang Coal-based Natural Gas Project – Coal Deep-processing Demonstration Project first approved by the state during the Twelfth Five-year Period – which was completed and put in operation in last August has applied the new mode of the recycling of “Resources, Products, Waste and Recycled Resources” to achieve sustainable development, and avoid environmental pollution to the maximum.
   Meanwhile, for the increasing dependence on foreign natural gas in our country, the Group has applied the mode of project coupling of the utilization of coal by grade and quality and utilization of post processing in the new situation of encouraging the development of coal-based natural gas industry, which has greatly improved the energy conversion efficiency to achieve resource conservation, reduce emissions and maintain the energy security of the country.
   The official said that to make the sky bluer and more beautiful, Kingho must always uphold the development concept of “green and sustainability”, and adhere to take “coal-based clean energy” as the main line relying on the resource advantages to vigorously develop the coal-based co-production circular economy.
   It is reported that the circular economy refers to the economic development model which minimize the natural resources in social production, the waste discharging to the community, and the harm or damage to the environment through the recycling of resources. At present, many domestic and foreign energy companies regarded developing circular economy as the only way to achieve sustainable development.

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