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China Kingho Group: Giving Priority to Environmental Protection and Focusing on Developing Clean Energy
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In recent years, the state has introduced a large number of stimulus measures on the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry to better achieve sustainable development. Driven by the favorable policies, China's energy industry ushered in a new round of industrial upgrading opportunities, so many enterprises have to change the development mode, actively adjust the industrial structure, and develop clean energy.
   China Kingho Group is an important domestic energy enterprise, and the main person in charge recently said that environmental protection has become the main theme of social development, so the extensive development mode with high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency in the past must be changed under the situation of the growing global environment and energy crisis. Building World-class Clean Energy Company is the purpose and the relentless pursuit of sustainable development of Group. And the Group has actively carried out orderly development and efficient and clean use of resources over the years, increased capital and technology investment in environmental protection, and Qinghai Kingho, Xinjiang Kingho, Ningxia Kingho and other subsidiaries pursued the development concept of green growth to achieve the harmonious unification of social and economic benefits.
The person in charge revealed that Kingho Group has invested more than 3 billion yuan in environmental protection as of the end of 2013, developed a variety of emission reduction and energy-saving technology products, for example, carrying out carbon sequestration process through the photosynthesis of microalgae, plants and carbon sequestration forest, and co-producing plant fertilizer and feed additives through low-cost collection, extraction of active ingredients and other post-processing technology to achieve the recycling of waste material.
   As the global leading coal gas company which has put into commercial operation, Kingho Group will continue to increase investment, scientific and technological research and development efforts in the clean energy field, follow the development concept of “Green, safety and efficiency”, and build the whole industry chain for the new clean energy. At present, the Group has built several low-carbon, cleanness and recycling-oriented national industrial parks with modern coal chemical industry as the symbol in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang.
   It is reported that China Kingho has been rated as National Recycling Economy Pilot Unit Advanced Enterprise for many years, and the Group was selected as the Eighth National Advanced Productivity Model Enterprise by The Chinese Association of Productivity Science, and awarded the Green Chemical Award by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association in 2013, and awarded the Carbon-value Ecological Practice Award of the Fourth International Carbon-Value Award selected on World Economic and Environmental Conference in 2014.

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