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Kingho Group establishes a circular economy by "three steps" and obtains remarkable achievements
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    What actions will the energy enterprises take to deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental protection? How to transform from traditional coal chemical enterprise to modern clean coal chemical enterprise? How to transform from a resource-based enterprise into a deep processing and energy-saving environmental enterprise? To solve these problems, development of circular economy is becoming a major goal of the energy enterprises.
    In recent years, during development of circular economy, China Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd., has established a clean energy industry system by maximum utilization of energy resources in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia in accordance with the actual development situation of the Group; built a model that promotes economic development, resources and energy conservation and environmental protection, inspiring deep enlightenments to the energy enterprises for the development of circular economy.

    First step: adjust the energy industry structure
    To solve these problems (such as unclean energy industry structure, high coal proportion, high energy consumption, etc.), market and administrative methods have to be employed to realize the industrial structure adjustment. Hence, the diversified energy structure will be constructed by developing clean energy.
    It is known that in the aspect of adjustment of energy industry structure, Kingho Group focuses on the development of clean energy, accelerates the development of renewable energy by intensive, large-scale and clean development and utilization of coal resources, increases the investment in capital, technology and human resource, adopts the coal-saving, water-saving and waste water recycling technologies and other advanced technologies during development and construction of the coal project, studies greening and ecological management methods, and improves the utilization efficiency of energy resources to gradually realize the green mining of coal resources.
    In August 2013, Phase I of 5.5 billion cubic meters/year coal-for-natural gas project of Xinjiang Kingho was put into operation; in December 2013, the coal gas produced by Xinjiang Kingho was officially fed into the pipe network……The successful operation of these projects fully manifests the practice of clean development and green energy as well as the development of circular economy of Kingho Group in these years.
    Huo Qinghua, Chairman of China Kingho Energy Group, said that all the leaders of Group companies have been learning, deeply analyzing and studying the national policies. They are striving to strengthen predictability and pertinence based on the actual reform and development conditions of the Group, in order to realize the enterprise model transformation while focusing on the increase of economic benefits and deepening the reform.

    Second step: low-carbon operation
    Low carbon economy, representing an important part of circular economy, is to solve the problems of high energy consumption, high pollution and high emissions. Kingho Group is a large energy enterprise. It has its main businesses ranging from coal mining, washing and dressing, coking, coal for natural gas production to deep processing of by-products, and also integrates metal ores mining and dressing, metallurgy, building materials, logistics, hotels and international trade.. In order to minimize the environmental impacts, e.g. pollution during production, Kingho Group has establishes a development model of high-carbon economy and low-carbon operation from the following three aspects:
    Firstly, adopt advanced technologies and recycle the resources. Kingho Group has always focused on the theme – "Resource Recycling and Environmental Protection" in project planning and design, and tried with great efforts to change the wastes produced in the previous process to the raw materials that can be in the next process in the whole project chain, for example, recycling coke oven gas for producing methanol.
    Secondly, strictly control the discharge of waste water and wastes. Kingho Group has used bag-type dust removers in the work sections of raw coal crushing and coke screening so that the dust pollution is effectively controlled; a smoke eliminating dust removing vehicle is arranged in the coaling and coke discharging section of the coking area to control the dust emission concentration within 30mg/m³; liquid products and coke are respectively connected with the production area and logistics area by pipes and seal belt trestle gallery in order to avoid the pollution and material consumption due to re-transportation.
    Thirdly, green and beautify the industrial park. In order to further beautify and improve the work environment, Inner Mongolia Kingho Group has organized the staff to plant trees around the Group.
    Step 3  Focusing on the industrialization of research findings
    There are no other better ways to improve the utilization of energy resources but the use of new technologies and new methods. To this end, China Kingho Group requires its subsidiaries to integrate technical advantages, improve the capability of introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation, and speed up the generation and promotion of new technology.
    The Spokesman of China Kingho Group said that since its establishment, China Kingho Group has explored and applied a variety of operation modes and promoted the transformation of six important scientific research and technologies, including 6.0MPA pressure gasification technology for coal crushing in static bed, domestic methanation process and catalyst technology, research and development of methanol synthesis process (1 MT per year) and catalyst, ional science-technology suppocoal-gas system, key technology and process integration for cascade utilization of energy and pollutant control and reduction, carbon dioxide to methanol technology, and polybasic gasification agent technology for carbon dioxide.
    It is understood that, currently, China Kingho Group has made certain achievements in utilization of key technologies of clean energy. For example, in August 2013, with the completion and commissioning of phase I project, the first state-approved SNG demonstration project during the State’s 12th Five-Year Plan period, China Kingho Group has realized the goal to transform from the traditional coal - coke – steel integration to coal-based clean energy industry.
    Huo Qinghua said that it is the dream of Kingho People to develop the Group into a leader in the integration of research, development, production and trade as well as clean energy industry. For this purpose, China Kingho Group will continue to develop the coal-based cogeneration circular economy by relying on the resources advantage, exert more efforts in the scientific research and development of clean energy industry, extend the conventional industry chain and accelerate the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas resources. (Source: Xinhuanet. com; Date: March 11, 2014; Editor: Hong Xuan, Zhou Xiao Hong)

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