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Quality Sand Oil Exploited with “Kingho” Technologies
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    Urumqi, Report from People’s Daily Online on January 9 (Correspondents: Songxia and Su Wenqing) On August 1, Xinjiang Hefeng Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. of Kingho Group in Xinjiang Hefeng Industrial Park is preparing the overall oil sand development plan of Tacheng. The Company has managed to directly exploit quality oil from oil sand from underground.
    The Company has just finished the deep in situ exploitation test in collaboration with Hebukesaier Mongol Autonomous County, which marks a great breakthrough in the oil exploitation technology of Kingho Hefeng. The Company is the originator of deep in situ exploitation technology, which is one of the domestically initiative proprietary technologies.
    Lang Ying, manager of the Company, said that the success in deep in situ exploitation test is actually a great contribution to the development of oil sand in the field of unconventional energy. It ends the history that the oil sand could only be exploited through opencast working, and also helps avoid damage to the surface geomorphology caused by opencast working, bringing great social and economic benefits.
    The Company is the only enterprise in Tacheng Prefecture engaged in comprehensive development and utilization of oil sand and oil shale. In 2012, it took Kingho Group only 101 days to develop the domestically first oil-sand thermal phase separation experimental facility. Thus the first barrel of light oil from sand oil was produced, which was the first in Xinjiang.

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