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Xinjiang Kingho’s SNG Enters National Pipeline Network
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Yining, Dec. 29, the reporter Shi Xuehong learnt from the People’s Government of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture that at 8:00 on December 28, the SNG produced by Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. began to supply gas to PetroChina’s Yi-Huo Branch. The national transmission of SNG has added a new channel for the supply of natural gas.
    On August 20 this year, Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the first cubic meter of SNG in China. However, it must meet strict quality standards to transmit qualified SNG to the whole country. Through more than 4 months of repeated tests, the SNG produced by the company passed the sampling test of PetroChina National Gas Quality Testing Center, with all indicators in line with standards. The SNG produced by the company has officially entered the west-east gas transmission pipeline network.
    SNG is a benchmark of new industrialization. Yili is a large prefecture by coal resources. Currently, the main way of coal resources transformation is SNG, which laid a solid function for the resource transformation in Yili and the future CTL and will gradually increase the utilization of coal resources.
 “Over 4 years of efforts of the enterprise finally see the bear fruit.” On December 2, Zhu Wenjian, Deputy General Manager of Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the company has invested nearly RMB 13 billion from construction to official gas supply. Currently, PetroChina has started measurement of the SNG produced by the company. Zhu Wenjian said the first phase of SNG project of the company boasts an annual capacity of 1.375 billion cubic meters. After the SNG enters the West-East gas transmission pipeline network, the company will achieve full production as soon as possible, which lays a foundation for the company to implement the second phase of SNG project with an annual capacity of 4.125 billion cubic meters.
    As a demonstration project of national coal deep processing and a key project of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the 5.5b m3/a SNG Project of Xinjiang Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. is the sole state approved SNG demonstration project which tops the coal deep processing demonstration projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and also the largest national demonstration project among domestic private enterprises.

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