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[“8337” Programs Ongoing] Kingho Group Completes 70% of Work Amount of FMTA Phase II
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Despite the beginning of winter, many workers are stepping up construction on the Phase II construction site of the 100,000T FMTA Project in Alax Economic Development Zone for the early completion of the project.
    Project leader Li Jingyuan told the reporter that since its commencement last July, 70% of work amount of the second phase has been completed, and now the construction of process pipeline is underway.
    The second phase of 100,000T FMTA Project invested in by Kingho Group boasts a total investment of RMB 163,856,000. After its completion, it can produce 75,000 tons of light aromatics, 22,500 tons of LPG and 22,500 tons of aromatics annually.
    The project is a Coal -Coke-Methanol-Oil project established for easing the tense oil resources of the state. By adopting the one-step FMTA technology of Sedin Engineering Co., Ltd., it produces arene with methanol as raw material in one step, thus greatly reducing operating cost.
    According to source, the project is characterized with rich source of raw materials and less emissions of “three wastes” and plays an important promotion role in the comprehensive utilization of local coal resources and environmental protection. It is estimated that after the project is completed, it can realize an average annual sales income of RMB 526,248,000 and average annual total profit of RMB 25.13 million in a normal production period and contributed RMB 8,294,800 of tax.

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