The Knowledge Contest of “Practice Core Socialist Values, Keep Up the Theme of Kingho ” Ends Successfully
Source:China Kingho Beijing Headquarters Editor:Wang Jinfeng DateTime:2014-09-30Visits:10987Font Size: Large In Small

 China Kingho Beijing News (Li Wanli) On September 26th, the knowledge contest of “Practice Core Socialist Values, Keep up the Theme of Kingho”, which was organized by the Party Working Committee of China Kingho Energy Group and held by the organ of Party Branch and labor union, ended successfully. Li Xizhu, from the office of Party and Government Affairs of Headquarters, and Li Lu, from Enterprise Business Management Department, were the winners with full marks. Wang Yanmin and Sun Ting won the second prize. Lu Chen, Meng Jia, Zhang Qian, Wang Tong, Zhang Liwei and Zhang Rui won the third prize.

 The contest was conducted by answering questions online. And staff from offices of the headquarters enthusiastically took part in the contest. The Office of Party and Government Affairs and Human Resources won the award of excellent organization, with the participation of 83.8% and 80% respectively.



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