Ningxia Group Awarded the Top 100 Enterprises in Ningxia Again
Source:China Kingho Ningxia GroupEditor:Wang Jinfeng DateTime:2014-09-04Visits:11045Font Size: Large In Small

   China Kingho Ningxia News (Ma Yonghong) It is reported that the result of 2014 the top 100 Enterprises in Ningxia, which was advocated by the Economic and Information Commission of Ningxia Autonomous Region, Propaganda Department of Party Committee of Autonomous Region and other 14 units, and reviewed and approved by the authorized committee of the top 100 Enterprises in Ningxia, and hosted by enterprises and enterprise confederation of Ningxia, has been announced in August. China Kingho Ningxi Group is in 36th place with the business income of RMB17.6494b and a score of 81 for social responsibility, and climbs two spots since the ranking of last year.

  The review of the top 100 Enterprises in Ningxia is on the basis of review rules of the Top 500 Enterprises of China, and the result shall be issued in Ningxia Daily and Ningxia Economic and Environmental Net.

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