The Chairman visits Ningxia Group
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  China Kingho Ningxia News (Ma Yonghong) On October 7th, Huo Qinghua, Chairman of China Kingho visited Ningxia Group to conduct inspections and provid guidance, and accompanied by Gao Dali (Executive Assistant Manager of Ningxia Group), Wangjianguo (Vice General Manager of Ningxia Group), Zhou Xiaoye (Vice General Manager and Chairman of the Labor Union of Ningxia Group) and Tong Jichang (Deputy Party Secretary), etc.

  The chairman inspected production run of the first phase of the project, projects currently under construction, and construction sites and construction and production of the mine project. And gave an important instruction for future work. He requested to launch work boom on enhancing management and promoting production inside China Kingho as soon as possible and successfully complete all tasks for this year.

  The chairman said now coking industry is undertaking great pressure and fierce challenge, and Ningxia Group has to be with stronger confidence and intensify the management on production run, business management, financial management, safety in production, environment protection and greensward, projects currently under construction, etc. Also, Group has to take better actions and effective measures to reduce cost and improve the enterprise's benefits practically.

  He emphasized that when earnestly carrying out safety work of production, the construction of enterprise's culture and talents team also needs attention, and the Group has to enlarge the power in construction talents team by effective measures, actually excite the active and fervent spirit of staff. And the development of Ningxia Group shall be jointly promoted.





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